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These are the blogs that I read, and most of what I know about mixology I have learned from reading them, and from practicing at home.

Jamie Boudreau

Mr. Boudreau is half of the talent behind Canon in Seattle, the other half being the venerable Murray Stenson. He is a consistent innovator in cocktail crafting and he’s always willing to go over the top. Here he is making a ridiculous hot toddy. He doesn’t post very often, but it’s always a worthwhile read.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Morgenthaler is brilliant. He is the bar manager at Clyde Common in Portland, and he slings a mean drink, indeed. It’s worth reading his entire backlog, especially his greatest hits along the sidebar of his site. When I was last in Portland, I had the pleasure of trying his original creation, the bottled Broken Bike. It was too piercingly bitter for the others in my party, but I just love me some Cynar.

Cocktail Virgin Slut

CVS is a collaboration between several people, but their combined effort makes them a juggernaut of drink recipes. They post once or twice a day, and the recipes are always interesting and fresh. Easily 3/4 of the drinks I know, I learned from their site.

Doug Winship – The Pegu Blog was my first introduction to the world of mixology. His series on the four gospels of cocktailia should be required reading for any aspiring mixologist:

The Gospel of Brandy

The Gospel of Rum

The Gospel of Gin

Most important of all, The Gospel of Whiskey

Kaiser Penguin 

The Kaiser hasn’t posted in a long time, but his ability to craft beautiful garnishes and then take gorgeous photos of them is unparalleled against my vast travels across the internet. Simply Beautiful.

Savoy Stomp

You have to admire the gall of someone who decides to make every single recipe in a classic cocktail book. I love how he makes the classic recipe and then examines how to align them with modern tastes and fashions.

Spirited Remix

DJ Hawaiianshirt, as he calls himself, is a man after my own heart. I know this because he describes himself as “A young lad in DC attempting to find his apartment’s perfect “booze-bottles/square-feet” ratio.” I really need to get my hands on one of these.

Boston Apothecary

This guy is a mad scientist. He got a hold of a still, and now he breaks down famous liqueurs and bitters and gives you the dirty details on how their flavors break down. He also gets into molecular mixology with things like oak-aged bouillon cubes.

Jacob Grier

Jacob Grier is the brand ambassador for Bols, and you can always trust him put you in the mood for genever, to mix drinks with beer, and to find new and exciting uses for tobacco.

Elemental Mixology

I am a pretentious ass when it comes to drinks, but Andrew the Alchemist makes me feel downright accommodating. He will teach you like no one else about fabricating bitters, the finer points of rum, and the different families of drinks.

Chuck Taggart

I just found this blog a few weeks ago, and I have been working my way through his impressive archive of drink recipes.

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