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Mixology Monday Announcement: Garnish Grandiloquence


Yes, my fellow cocktailians, it is that time again; it is now our distinct honor to host the web’s favorite monthly cocktail party, Mixology Monday. When I first became interested in craft mixology and started reading the other blogs out there, I never anticipated that I would end up participating in the cocktail blog scene to this degree. So without further ado, here’s the blurb:

I’m always shocked by the way that an orange peel or a lemon peel can transform the experience of drinking a mixed drink from something mundane to something magical. In a similar vein, eating the olive in a martini will totally transform the imbiber’s perception of the drink. So this Mixology Monday, let’s really make a study of art of the garnish, by mixing up drinks where the garnish plays a central role in the experience of the drink. Of course, you don’t have to make a latticework out of orange peels, a pirate ship out of citrus, or a ferris wheel out of pineapple and squash, but it sure would warm my heart. This type of garnish is traditionally in the realm of tiki, but you could mix anything, so long as the garnish is the star of the show.

If you want in on this action (and I know you do), the rules are thus:

  • Find or invent a drink that showcases your garnishing abilities.
  • Make the drink, and post a photo, the recipe, and any thoughts or commentary you have on your blog, or on eGullet’s Spirits and Cocktails forum (if you have no blog).
  • Include the MxMo logo in your post, as well as a link back to both the Mixology Monday site and this post on Measure & Stir. Once I post the roundup of all submissions, a link to that post as well is always appreciated.
  • Let me know about your submission (by Monday Nov 19th) by posting a link to your post in the comment section on this post (preferred), or by gmail to josephtkach.

Do all that by midnight Monday Nov 19th and then check back here for a roundup post including all submissions. If you’re a little bit late, it’s OK, but meeting the deadline is considered to be courteous. As long as you make it before the roundup, which will be Nov 26th, you’ll probably make it in.

Happy mixing!

43 thoughts on “Mixology Monday Announcement: Garnish Grandiloquence

  1. This plays straight into Katie’s (ferris) wheelhouse. Looks like I’ll have to step up my game!

  2. Should the drink include Campari?

  3. Excellent! Carolyn may be working hard with me on this one… Does the container, if a natural ingredient (like your gourd drink) count?

  4. awesome awesome awesome theme can t wait!!!!

  5. awesome awesome awesome theme i can’t wait!!!!!!

  6. Here you go, Joseph. Definitely not my strong suit, but as always, I give my best efforts. Love your blog BTW. Cheers!!/2012/11/grand-ish-garnisment-for-fall-trio.html

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  9. I am a lazy garnisher. Lime wheels and y-peels all night long but I branched out for you Joseph!

  10. The Monk’s Paradise Tiki-time in November. Cheers!

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  14. I’m 40 minutes late. Hopefully you’re sleeping and won’t even notice.

    Preferred to use either of the two close-ups.

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  17. Thanks for hosting! This was a challenge for those of us lacking fine motor skills…. Here is our entry:

    Looking forward to the roundup!

  18. Hey Joseph,

    This probably doesn’t count, but we revived the 1990’s classic “Mashed Potato Martini”. No booze, but it is all about garnish. Thought you might enjoy it…

  19. I posted my first entry for the Mixology Monday! And have enjoyed a great week of really interesting flavor combos from you. Here’s my link: Thanks for hosting, Cheers!

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  21. Apples! And Cheese! And Whiskey! Awesome to see MxMo back in action (although I’m a couple months late to the party).

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  23. Thanks for hosting and a lovely and challenging theme.

    Here is my very simple entry: Lavender Rum and Tonic

    Andrea the Ginhound

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  25. Not my best ever, but a fun drink nonetheless. Tried to make candied apple slices for a winter apple margarita.


  26. My paring knife had to be sharpened so I tried instead to get make a candied apple slice from scratch for a winter apple margarita. Not too bad a result if I do say so myself!


  27. Thanks for hosting and keeping the round open a little longer! (and double thanks for the flattering Fall Carnival link!)

    Here’s my belated entry: Ice Corn for a Thanksgiving cocktail.


  28. Sorry for a very belated entry, but I figured better late than never. Thanks for coming up with this challenge…It was definitely fun to think about.


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