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The Grimace: Rye, Lemon, Sweet Purple Yam Jam


Ube Halaya, or Sweet Purple Yam Jam (it’s fun to say!) is a popular flavor in the Philipines. If you are looking for wacky cocktail ideas for your admittedly gimmicky blog, (I prefer to think of it as cocktail entertainment), you could do a lot worse than to take a stroll through an ethnic market that is not catering to SWPL people.

the grimace 2

It was in such hallowed halls that I found rainbow-dyed sweetened dried coconut strips, and also a smooth-textured jam of purple yams. The jam was very sweet, and the best way to balance it was against some lemon juice.

As much as I try not to endlessly make different-flavored sours, it is a reliable choice, because it always tastes good. If you get into a cocktail-making challenge, just mix lemon, a base spirit, and an appropriate sweetener. You will not win on originality, but you will probably win on flavor.

the grimace 1

The Grimace
2 oz Woodinville Rye
.5 oz Ube Jam (adjust to your taste)
.5 oz Lemon Juice
Shake over ice and double strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with rainbow coconut strips.

The cone of purple and the rainbow pastels had a McDonaldsy aesthetic, so I called it the Grimace. I admit it might not be the most appealing name, but it was delicious. The yam was beautiful with the spicy, woody taste of the rye.

By the way, Woodinville Rye is phenomenal. It was a tad pricey in Seattle, but the flavor of the mash is bright and distinctive. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys whiskey, or anyone who ought to, which is everyone.

5 thoughts on “The Grimace: Rye, Lemon, Sweet Purple Yam Jam

  1. PURPLE!!! (my comic book anti-supervillainess alter ego might have to be caught drinking one of these) The colors and presentation are absolutely gorgeous, and it looks delicious.

    And I know what you mean about using a sour structure: before this month’s MxMo, my 3 prior cocktails were all sours. Way to showcase an original ingredient, though!

  2. Awesome colors.. Great pics.. Never heard of this jam before.. I must find it!!! Great idea joseph, as always

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