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MxMo LXXVI: Fire!


Since I’m officially doing the whole blog thing again, I am participating in Mixology Monday, hosted this month by Muse of Doom at Feu de Vie. The theme this month is “Fire.”

Lavender-Smoked Martini
1.5 oz Lavender-infused gin (Beefeater)
.75 oz Dry Vermouth (Dolin)
Dash of lemon juice
Dash of simple syrup
Light a teaspoon of lavender on fire and then place a large glass over the smoldering flowers, so that it fills with smoke. Stir the drink and then strain it into the smoke-filled glass.

Big thanks to Muse of Doom for this hosting MxMo with this exciting theme.

7 thoughts on “MxMo LXXVI: Fire!

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  2. Nice job. We will give this a try (we certainly have lavender). The video was well done. And the french press is a good hack…

  3. Nice stirring technique. Have you ever infused basil and gin? I’ve had a jar of Hendricks and basil sitting for about 24 hours now. How long would you let that go?

    • It highly depends on the rato of reagent:spirit. Generally I find three days is about right for green herbs, but the best thing to do is taste it every day till you find the right balance. A perceptible basil flavor in the gin may not come through in the final drink, so keep in mind your end product. A light basil flavor will stand up to dry vermouth or tonic water, but you will probably want more if you are planning to mix it with lime juice or strongly-flavored liqueur.

  4. The serious stare into the camera while stirring made me laugh out loud. I am loving the video format, btw.

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