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  1. Good commentary and pictures!
    Even a beer evangelist, like me, enjoys the finely tuned cocktail!

  2. I notice you use plenty of Monin syrups. Just wanted to share my company with you in case you are looking for a syrup supplier. We have every Monin flavor available and in stock. Keep up the great blogging! I’m enjoying your cocktail creations.

  3. Have you an e-mail subscription box somewhere?

  4. I too haven’t worked in the industry – but try to learn all I can about mixology, and the ingredients therein. It’s so much fun. Enjoy.

  5. Good man with Hendricks on your list. Where are you from? I have never heard of a number of those spirits on your list. Glad you stumbled across my blog. Can’t wait to try some of your concoctions.

    • I live in Seattle, on Capitol Hill.

      • explains. there isn’t much of a range at the majority of our liquor stores around here. there is one specialty shop in ‘big’ city as of this last year, but I have yet to make it there. My suitcase weighs a ton when i travel from all the bottles i haul back that i can’t get here 😀

  6. Refreshing site. Fernet Branca is now at the top of my tasting list. Keep up the great work.

  7. Wow. Ran into a “mutual acquaintance” last night at a party who is perhaps your biggest fan. This is fantastic! I’ll be telling a few friends. Waiting for the book…. I’m not much in the kitchen, but the bar? That I can handle! Love these ideas. Keep up the good work, Mr. Mixologist!

  8. Hey Joseph, I was wondering if I could feature you in a post promoting inspiring bloggers I follow. I’d reach you via email, but alas, you don’t have one listed. If you want more information please feel free to email me at the address at the bottom of my page. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  9. I came upon your blog because I follow The Liquid Culture Project and he recommended you. Looks great, so I look forward to reading more!

  10. Fernet branca – there is nothing that can’t be cured by it. Lol.

  11. Your photography is absolutely amazingly inspiring…. Since I spend almost equal time in the US and Europe I may possibly be the youngest person to have tasted Vinyac that has visited your blog. Irrelevant possible fact = )
    Great blog and recipes

  12. Hi Joseph,
    I’m Jessica, an editor with DRAFT Magazine. I’ve been searching for a way to get in touch with you but can’t find an email or phone number; can you touch base with me at I wanted to discuss mentioning your blog in an upcoming issue. Thanks!
    -Jessica Daynor, managing editor, DRAFT

  13. Hi Joseph,

    I have a quick question please email me when you get a chance…thank you!

  14. Hello Joseph-
    I work in PR and would love to get you some samples to experiment with. Shoot me and email so we can set something up!

  15. I am working on a book about vintage cocktails and I’m intrigued by the Elephants Sometimes Forget. Do you have any info about how/when/where it was created and named? Many thanks! Stephanie, dixieday100(at)gmail.

  16. Joseph.. You neglected to metnion if you use the peels that are left in the Oleo…or ifyou removed? strained? etc..???
    Thank you ~

  17. Hello Joseph,

    I stumbled upon your original cocktails blog and was impressed with the quality of cocktails you make.
    We are a cocktail database and were wondering if you would be interested to adding your cocktails to our database.

    Took a liking to your “Glam Nog” cocktail so added it to our database as an example. (

    In the cocktail detail page you are properly credited for the creation (as you can see next to the title).

    I would also like to discuss something else with you, could you send me a mail with your contact details?

    Kindest Regards,
    Davy M.

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